Hikayat Bunga Kemuning

Once upon a time, there was a king who had ten daughters are beautiful. The king is known as a wise king. But he was too busy with his leadership, so he can not afford to educate their children. The king’s wife had died in childbirth his youngest son, so that the king’s son raised by the host caregivers. Daughters of the King to be spoiled and mischievous. They just love to play in the lakes. They do not want to learn and also did not want to help their father. Frequent quarrels between them.
Tenth daughter is named with the names of colors. Eldest daughter named Princess pink. Her sisters was named Miss Orange, Indigo Princess, Miss Green, Miss Grey, Miss Orange, Princess and Princess Yellow rosy, which they dress the same color with their names. That way, the king who is old can recognize them from afar. Despite their beauty is almost the same, the youngest daughter of the Yellow slightly different, he did not look spoiled and mischievous. Instead he was always cheerful and smiling and friendly to anyone. He preferred to travel with a host nanny than with her sisters.

One day, the king was about to go away. He gathered all the daughters of his daughter. “I’m going to go far and long. By-by what do you want? “Asked the king.

“I like expensive jewelry,” said Princess pink.

“I want a shiny silk-sheen,” said Miss Orange. 9 children the king asked the most expensive gift on their father. But that’s not the Yellow Princess. He thought for a moment, then holds her father’s arm.

“Dad, I just want dad back safely,” he said. Her brothers laughing and jeering.

“My son, really good speech. Of course I will bring you back safe and beautiful gifts for you, “said the King. Shortly
later, the king went away.

During the king went, the daughter of the more mischievous and lazy. They often host nannies snapped and told the waiter to obey them. Due to busy to obey the request of the princess who’s cranky, waiters do not have time to clean the palace garden. Yellow is very sad to see her daughter because the park is a favorite place of his father. Without hesitation, Miss Yellow broom and start cleaning the park. Dirontokkannya dry leaves, weed removal, and tree branches dipangkasnya up neatly. Initially the host caregivers forbid it, but still insisted on doing the Yellow Princess. His older brother saw his sister Princess Yellow sweeping, laughing out loud. “Look it seems we have a new maid,” said one of them.

“Hey waiter! There is still a dirt ya! “Said one another, throwing garbage. Palace garden is neat, back in disarray. Yellow Princess silent and sweep garbage. These events occur over and over again until exhaustion Yellow Princess. In his heart he could feel the suffering of the servant who was forced to comply with various orders of his brothers.

“You guys are really outrageous. It should not have to bring my father anything for you. Usually only interfere! “Said Miss Yellow angrily.

“It’s ah, I’m bored. We bathe in the lake! “Said Miss Nila. They left the Yellow Princess alone. That happens every day, until their father came home. When the king arrived at the palace, the ninth daughter is still playing in the lake, while the Yellow Princess is arranging flowers on the terrace of the palace. Knowing this, the king became very sad.

My son is diligent and considerate! Your father can not afford to give anything more than this green stone necklace, instead of yellow your favorite color! “Said the King. King had been searching for a yellow stone necklace in various countries, but it was never found.

“Please Daddy, do not why. Green stone was beautiful! See, matched correctly with the yellow shirt, “said Miss Yellow gently.

“Importantly, the father had returned. I’ll make you hot tea to my father, “she said again. When Miss Yellow is making tea, her brothers arrive. They are noisy looking for gifts and show it off each other. No one remembered the Yellow Princess, let alone ask for prize.

The next day, Green saw Princess Yellow Princess wearing her new necklace. “O my brother, really nice necklace! The necklace should be mine, because I was Miss Green! “He said with envy.

“My father gave it to me, not you,” said Princess Yellow. Hear it, Miss Green to be angry. He was soon looking for his brothers and incite them.

“The necklace was mine, but he took it from his pocket a father. We must teach him to do good! “Said Miss Green. They then agreed to rob the necklace. Shortly thereafter, Yellow Princess appeared. Her brothers caught her and hit her head. Not unexpectedly, the blow causing the Yellow Princess died.

“Gosh! We must bury him, “exclaimed Miss Orange. They carry the rollicking Yellow Princess, and then buried in the palace garden. Green’s daughter come to bury a green stone necklace, because she did not want her anymore. When the king search for the Yellow Princess, no one knows where the daughter was gone. Her brothers were silent. The king was very angry. “O the guards! Search and find Yellow Princess, “he cried.

Of course no one could find it. For days, weeks, months, no one managed to find it. The king was very sad. “I am a bad father,” he said. “Let the children sent to a distant place to learn and hone manners!” So he sent the daughter-daughter to school in a distant land. King himself often pensive in the palace garden, sadly lost Yellow Princess thought without trace.

One day, grow a plant on the graves Yellow Princess. The king was surprised to see it. “The plant is this? The trunk is like princess robe, round shiny leaves like green stone necklace, flowers yellowish white and very fragrant! This plant reminds me of Princess Yellow. Well, I called it Myrtle.! “Said the king is pleased. Since then the yellow flower gets its name. In fact, the yellow flowers can be used to scent the hair. The trunk is used to create beautiful boxes, while the bark is made into powder. Once dead, still gives good Yellow Princess.


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