One day there were two heroes who always wants to show himself better at it than others. One day, they met in the waters south of Singapore.

Without ba or bu, they attacked each other directly. They fought for a long time until their bodies covered with blood. Because equally strong, there was no sign of who will lose.

Sea Jin does not like the blood that fight because they pollute the sea. Sea Jin and overturned their boat. It means that they stop fighting. Apparently, they are still fighting. With his power of each, they fought over water.

“Hey, I command you to stop fighting! This is my territory. If not … ”

Instead of stopping, the hero is even more exciting fight. With hand signals, they even like mocking Jin Sea.

Sea Jin angry. He was spraying water into the hero’s face so that their view obstructed. Because I could not see clearly, the two heroes that fought blindly. They swung the sword back and forth until finally sekehendajk heart lodged in the body of each opponent. Both heroes were also met his end.

The gods in heaven mura because Jin Sea interfering human affairs. They warned Sea Jin to no longer intervene on human affairs. Sea Jin was wrong and tried to atone by making a special place for both hero’s spirit can dwell in peace. Sea Jin juggling champion boat carrying two islands where it became their spiritual lives. The people then called the island as Pulau Hantu.


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